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The role of solenoid valve coil

The active iron core in the coil of solenoid valve is attracted by the coil when the valve is energized to drive the valve core to move, thereby changing the conduction state of the valve; the so-called dry or wet type refers only to the working environment of the coil, and is not large for the valve action. the difference.
However, we know that the inductance of an air-core coil is not the same as the inductance after adding the iron core to the coil. The former should be small and the latter should be large. When the coil is connected to AC, the impedance generated by the coil will not be. In the same way, when the same coil is added with alternating current of the same frequency, the inductance will change with the position of the iron core, that is, the impedance varies with the position of the iron core, and when the impedance is small, the current flowing through the coil will increase.
Solenoid Valve Coil often too warm when the solenoid valve coil is in working condition (power), the iron core is sucked together to form a closed magnetic circuit. That is, when the inductance is in a large state, it is designed. The heat is normal, but the iron core can't pull in smoothly when the power is on, the inductance of the coil decreases, the impedance decreases, and the current increases accordingly. This causes the coil current to be too large and the life time to be affected. Therefore, the oil pollution hinders the core activity and slows down the power supply. It may not be able to be fully pulled in and out, so that when the coil is energized, it is often in a condition where the impedance is less than normal. This may be a factor of the coil.
Solenoid valve coil with a multimeter Electromagnetic Valve resistance, the coil resistance should be about 100 ohms! If the resistance of the coil is infinite, it means that the coil of the solenoid valve can be connected to the power supply and placed on the solenoid valve with the iron product. Because the solenoid valve coil is energized, the electromagnetic valve has magnetic properties to attract the iron product. If you can hold the iron product, the coil is good, and the anti-knowledge indicates that the coil is broken!
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