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Application of proportional control valve in metal smelting


At present, the development of metal smelting in China is constantly improving. The application of valves in the process is indispensable. The Proportional Control Valve is a kind of valve, but this valve does play a very important role in the process of metal smelting. The proportional adjustment control valve is realized by controlling the flow rate in the valve body. The prebaked anode paste used in the metal smelting is produced by the raw anode workshop. In the production of the carbon prebaked anode paste, the prebaked anode paste is produced. The final process is vibration molding. The vibration molding machine is composed of a vibrating table, a mold, a dosing trolley, etc., and a hydraulic motor batching car that supplies raw materials uses the proportional control valve, and the valve body of the proportional control valve The control panel is separated, not in one, the chance of attacking in the process of practice is very small, and the device is also convenient. For this reason, the control valve has a wide limitation, and the general vibration molding machine batching car stops at the 1# vibration molding machine receiving position. When the batching trolley is driven by 1# vibration molding to the 2# vibration molding machine (assuming a forward rotation), the batching trolley senses the proximity switch 3, especially In the self-supporting control process of many valves, many of the valve bodies of the self-operated pressure regulating valve are made in a more refined process. Usually, the display panel is sent to the hydraulic compounding trolley for forward rotation. The output of the PLC makes the relay-K5 When the power is enabled, the positive solenoid valve -190 is powered slowly, and the PLC obtains the proximity signal of the proximity switch 4 so that the output of the PLC - K4 accelerates the relay to start, accelerates the hydraulic motor batching trolley, and when the PLC gets the proximity switch 5 The signal makes the output of the PLC-K3 deceleration relay start, the batching car decelerates, and finally the PLC obtains the induction signal of the proximity switch 6, stops at the 2# position, and completes the transportation from the hydraulic batching trolley from the 1# receiving position to the 2# vibration forming position. The running process of the feeding; likewise, the other operating processes of the batching trolley are similar.
The biggest benefit of this type of Proportional Valve control method is that it can be used in places where the dust is very polluted. In some industries, the proportional control valve or some other functional valve control panels can be installed in a good control room, and the care and Maintenance is very convenient, take the proportional valve used in the vibration molding machine batching car, the problem is mostly close to the switch damage and control the small valve -K1, -K2, -K3, -K4, -K5 have problems, Just take it and change it.
The proportional valve is used to automatically control the opening of the discharge door of the kneading machine, and at the same time control the amount of material of the discharge port, and the input amount between D and E is used as the set value of the proportional valve, and is used as the pressure difference. The input signal, point C is driven by the digital output of the PLC to activate the proportional valve, and the ZT10601 position transmission sensor is used to accurately control the stroke of the proportional valve cylinder and feed back to the proportional valve.
In short, as long as you continue to learn in the course of practical work, you can flexibly master the control experience of proportional control valves.
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